[Video] Things that are guaranteed to annoy the Dutch

[Video] Things that are guaranteed to annoy the Dutch

Every culture and every country has its own little habits and customs, certain missteps that are considered massive no-nos, meanwhile, something that might be considered rude in your own culture is deemed perfectly acceptable in another. The Netherlands is, of course, no different. No matter how long you’ve been living here, you’ve probably noticed there are a handful of surefire ways of annoying the locals when you’re out and about.

How to annoy the Dutch

Whether it’s obliviously walking in the bike lane, or calling the Netherlands “Holland,” there are plenty of ways to get a rise out of a Dutchie. A couple of expats living in the Netherlands sat down to think about the numerous ways you can annoy the Dutch - and the answers are hilarious (and spot-on)!

Are you guilty of any of these faux pas? What other ways can you think of to annoy the Dutch?

Victoria Séveno


Victoria Séveno

Victoria grew up in Amsterdam, before moving to the UK to study English and Related Literature at the University of York and completing her NCTJ course at the Press Association...

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Anne Kathleen 11:20 | 10 June 2021

I find just doing things your way and not the 'Dutch' way really bothers them. A Dutch colleague once said to me that 'you don't celebrate your birthdays' and 'no one know you' I pointed out to him that I do celebrate but not with a circle party (the most boring thing ever) and that I actually knew other people than him. I worked at a company with 2500 people!