[Video] A quick (and handy) introduction to the Netherlands

[Video] A quick (and handy) introduction to the Netherlands

Whether you’re considering relocating to the Netherlands, are new to the country and looking to better acquaint yourself with your new surroundings, or are merely browsing the internet hoping to learn more about this little low-lying country, this video is definitely for you.

The Netherlands, explained

Countries Explained are here to help answer any questions you might have about the Netherlands, covering topics such as the Holland vs the Netherlands debate, the islands that make up the Dutch Caribbean, the Dutch knack for water management (i.e. all the dikes, windmills and canals), and much, much more. 

Want to learn more? Now’s your chance to get acquainted with the country that is the Netherlands.

There you have it - the Netherlands might be small, but it certainly is mighty, and there's lots and lots to learn! There's so much more to the Netherlands than just tulips, cheese and beer.

What do you love most about the Netherlands? What else would you like to learn about the country? Let us know in the comments!

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