[Video] Why the infrastructure in the Netherlands is so darn good

[Video] Why the infrastructure in the Netherlands is so darn good

There’s a lot to complain about as an expat living in the Netherlands: the fried food, the unpredictable weather, the struggle of learning Dutch. However, many will likely agree that there is one thing the Dutch seem to have gotten right, and that’s the infrastructure. Whether you’re talking about the extensive network lanes for cyclists, or the vital water management systems, the Dutch certainly know what they’re doing. 

The Netherlands: Small but mighty

So what is it that makes the infrastructure in the Netherlands so great? And why are the Dutch so good at it? This video by the YouTube channel OBF dives into some of the most impressive aspects of modern infrastructure in the Netherlands - everything from the public transport system to the Delta works - and points out why similar systems are also achievable in other cities and countries around the world.

While at the moment Schiphol might not be the best example of Dutch efficiency, the stats speak for themselves when it comes to this major European airport. Furthermore, the infrastructure at the port in Rotterdam ensures it remains one of the world’s most important - albeit most polluting - ports in the world. 

What's something about the Netherlands that impressed you when you moved here? What's something you agree the Dutch got right? Let us know in the comments below!

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Victoria Séveno

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