[Video] The Dutch Famine of the Second World War

[Video] The Dutch Famine of the Second World War

How much do you know about the history of the Netherlands? Have you ever heard about the Dutch Famine of 1944 to 1945? Perhaps it’s time for a little history lesson. 

A winter no one wants to experience 

As the Second World War was nearing its end, the supply of food to the Netherlands was disrupted by a German blockade, and people endured a savage and brutal famine that led to the deaths of thousands of people. The German army blockades also halted the supply of coal, so not only was it a hongerwinter (hungry winter) - it was a cold one too. 

The images from the period are shocking, and this is a rare example of a famine developing in recent history in a country that was considered wealthy and developed.

Thumb: Stadsarchief Amsterdam / Broeder Paulus

Victoria Séveno


Victoria Séveno

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