International Kite Festival Scheveningen

International Kite Festival Scheveningen

Sep 23, 2023Sep 24, 2023
11am to 5pm
Just north of the pier at the beach of Scheveningen
The Hague

Some of the biggest and best in kite designs will soar over Scheveningen for the International Kite Festival Scheveningen!

About Kite Festival Scheveningen 

The International Kite Festival Scheveningen (Vliegerfestival Scheveningen) in The Hague is an annual event that proves just how much fun kites can be for adults and children alike.

The largest event of its kind in the Netherlands, the festival fills the beach with enthusiastic viewers while the sky is flooded with flying colours and designs by over 100 kite-flyers from around the world, who will perform demonstrations and stunts.

All kinds of kite designs at Vliegerfestival Scheveningen

Don't mistake this for a children's fair; these kites are large and impressive. In a seeming defiance of gravity, the kites range from the everyday to more intricate designs like whales, lobsters, pandas and more.

Furthermore, the kites are divided into categories, making it easier for guests to discover their favourite kite niche. With top-sports, sci-fi, culture, science and nature all represented, visitors are sure to find something that will appeal to their fascination. And of course, the sheer number of flying wonders is an attraction by itself!

Scheveningen Kite Festival 2023 Day programme

Throughout both days, there will be all kinds of kite demonstrations. You will be able to admire a variety of kites while music plays, you can see freestyle sport flying and power kite demonstrations, and follow a stunt flying or kite making workshop.

You will also be able to join in by purchasing your own kite at a nearby stall. Please note that the day programmes are dependent on the weather.