Castle Christmas Fair

Castle Christmas Fair

Dec 07, 2017Dec 10, 2017
Slot Assumburg

One of the most magical Christmas fairs in North Holland is the Castle Christmas Fair, taking place at the age-old Assumburg Castle in Heemskerk.

Castle grounds transformed

The castle grounds have recently been transformed into a unique events location including a park, sports facilities, a modern visitors’ centre and a historic castle garden.

The luxurious surroundings and the old building really bring to life a nostalgic feeling of olden times at the fair, increased by the Christmas wares and decorations for sale, and the warm vibe, the music and the lights. The fair has also been called the Christmas and lifestyle fair of North Holland, because of the fashion and other merchandise on offer.

Winter wonderland

Here, around 20.000 visitors will enter into a winter wonderland featuring a Christmas bazaar with a wide range of seasonal wares and an exclusive programme with winter fashion, performances and culinary treats. In various locations around the castle, live performances will be taking place throughout the fair.