Breda Culture Night

Breda Culture Night

Jan 26, 2019
7pm onwards

Adventure awaits in Breda on the night of January 26, 2019, during Culture Night. For 10 years, Culture Night Breda has succeeded in bringing together a captivating night of culture and art - similar to Amsterdam Museum Night or Rotterdam Museum Night - in the cosy centre of Breda.

Cultural programme

More than 50 participating venues and cultural institutions will present a special arts event in more than 45 locations. The night’s extensive programme takes you all around the inner city and gives a unique insight into what the city has to offer in the cultural field.

One of the popular hotspots of the evening is Belcrum, which will, as usual, have mesmerising art and performances.

Children's Culture Night

There will be a special Children's Culture Night from 7pm to 9.30pm at Belcrum.

Featured exhibitions, performances and workshops

Featured are exhibitions, performances and workshops such as:

  • Wondrous Weaves - Digital and religious art in wondrous relics.
  • Pole Dancing Workshop - A tough muscle workout for all levels.
  • The Royal Hillbilly Club - All kinds of music hits, remastered with a hillbilly sauce.
  • STEK - Light art, projections, fire, live music, theatre, workshops and hot cocoa.

Browse the Culture Night Breda website and check out what you might find.