Refuelling your car in the Netherlands

Refuelling your car in the Netherlands

How much does it cost to refuel your car in the Netherlands? What type of fuel is available at petrol stations in the Netherlands? Where is your nearest recharging point for electric cars or hybrid cars in the Netherlands?

Petrol stations in the Netherlands

Here is what you need to know about fuel stations when you are driving in the Netherlands.

Fuel station opening times

Fuel pump stations in the Netherlands which are located off of motorways or / and in large cities are usually open 24/7. Other stations are open from Monday to Friday from 7 am to at least 8 pm. On weekends, opening times may vary as some stations are closed on Sundays.

How to pay at fuel pumps at gas stations in the Netherlands

Many fuel pump stations in the Netherlands are self-service pumps. Generally, you can pay with a bank card, credit card or fuel card and during regular opening hours you can pay with cash as well. At some fuel stations you can pay via mobile app.

Fuel costs in the Netherlands

When it comes to fuel prices, in the Netherlands, prices are generally higher at fuel stations on the motorway. On Saturdays, the highest discounts are given, while it’s hard to find discounted prices on Mondays. Also, refuelling in the morning is often more expensive than refuelling in the evening.

Furthermore, fuel costs are updated regularly in the Netherlands. You can check the up-to-date price per litre in Europe here. Please note that the stated prices are the recommended retail prices and indicative.

Types of fuel in the Netherlands

There are various types of fuel available for your car in the Netherlands. However, not all fuel types are readily available. The following types of fuel are available at pumping stations in the Netherlands:

  • Euro 95 E5 - Limited availability
  • Euro 95 E10 - Available at most stations
  • Blue One 95 - Another E10, good availability
  • Superplus 98 E5 - Good availability
  • Super MLV - Very limited availability
  • E85 - Very limited availability
  • Diesel B7 - Good availability
  • LPG - Reasonable availability (around 1.100 stations who offer LPG)
  • CNG - Available at more than 180 stations
  • LNG - Available at around 25 stations, only meant for special LNG trucks
  • H2 - Available at a handful of stations at the moment

Public recharging points for electric cars in the Netherlands

The Netherlands features one of the densest networks of charging points in the world, with more than 60.000 public charging points. There are also around 1.800 high-power charging points, where you can recharge your car in around 30 minutes. There are various apps available that show an up-to-date overview of recharging points in the Netherlands. 

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