Consumer rights organisations in the Netherlands

Consumer rights organisations in the Netherlands

Where can you go when you have a complaint about a product or service? Do you need to contact a lawyer or is there an organisation that can help you out? 

De Geschillencommissie

If you have a complaint about a product or service and it has not been handled to your satisfaction by the seller, you can contact De Geschillencommissie. They will register your complaint, research what happened by hearing both you and the other party, and a committee will rule over the matter. The decision of the committee is binding, and there is no appeal possible.

The costs of De Geschillencommissie handling your complaint are usually between 25 and 155 euros, which you will need to pay in advance. If you are (partly) in the right, you will (partly) get your money back.


If you have a complaint about your bank, insurer or another financial service provider, as well as financial products, you can contact Kifid. You can file your complaint entirely online.


Besides testing products and publishing their findings, the Consumentenbond can also give you advice when you have a complaint. They have many template letters you can use to send to sellers you are not happy with. They can also mediate with the seller on your behalf.

You can also submit your complaint for free on the site The goal is that you and the relevant seller will come to a solution together. While all complaints are made public, sellers are not obliged to respond.

Fraud Help Desk

If you are a victim of fraud, you can report it to the Fraud Help Desk. You can also report scams and fraud to the police: 0900-8844 or online. If you want to report fraud (when you are not the victim) anonymously, you can call Meld Misdaad Anoniem: 0800-7000.

Landelijk Meldpunt Zorg (National Healthcare Report Centre)

The National Healthcare Report Centre can help you figure out who you can speak to when it comes to your healthcare complaints, they can advise and inform you about the options available to you in such situations.

You can report your complaint to the centre, and they will record it anonymously and sent it to the Inspectorate. If the complaint meets certain criteria, the Inspectorate can decide to open an investigation into your care provider.

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