Sprint ahead with a Berlitz one-week language course

Sprint ahead with a Berlitz one-week language course


If you have the need, the time and the motivation to learn a new language in a short amount of time, the Berlitz Sprint Language Training course is the ideal solution.

This full-time, one-on-one (private) tuition study programme enables you to get a head start in your chosen language. You will study your new language five days a week, from 9am to 4.30pm. The intensity of the programme allows for quick progression and development of the key fundamentals of the new language.

This option is chosen by many corporate clients, as it produces results quickly, especially when there is a need to learn the language for business purposes and / or when relocating to a new country.

Watch below how this benefited Alessandro, who made great progress with his Dutch while taking a two-week Sprint course. Alessandro took a one-week Sprint course before Christmas and another one-week Sprint course during January. He was an absolute beginner on day one. This video interview, and the lesson with his Berlitz teacher, was filmed on the 4th day of his second intensive week course:

Becoming confident

Berlitz trainers select course materials based on your stated goals, identified at the beginning of the course. This ensures that you learn to speak in a setting that reflects your real-world experiences and requirements. The cornerstone of the Berlitz method is to give you the confidence you need to speak a new language outside of the lessons.

Whether for personal or professional reasons, if you wish to master your new language as quickly as possible, and improving oral expression is the most important aspect of your learning programme, the Sprint course is the right choice for you.


Here are some benefits of Berlitz Sprint courses

  • Speedy learning progress thanks to intensive language instruction
  • Flexible scheduling - the course takes one week, 45 lessons are scheduled according to your available time
  • You (not your tutor) will speak for a minimum of 60 percent of the learning time
  • Berlitz will adapt the key themes to your particular needs
  • You will speak the new language right from the start

Book a Sprint course now

Do you want to learn more about how a Sprint course can benefit you? Book a suitable time with Polina, our sales representative, to discuss your requirements. She will be happy to help you with any questions you might have. Polina will call you on the date and at the time of your convenience.



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