Improve your Dutch following the Berlitz method online with qualified teachers

Improve your Dutch following the Berlitz method online with qualified teachers


When living abroad, people start to learn a new language in their new home without even noticing. It is that immersive learning experience that many seek when signing up for international summer camps or going away on a trip. The need to communicate ensures that, day by day, new vocabulary and linguistic structures are incorporated when speaking at work, with new friends, in the streets or when grocery shopping.

With Berlitz Go, going online doesn’t mean saying goodbye to the one-to-one guidance of a teacher!

However, reinforcing all that is learned organically with language classes is essential to ensure that written skills are also strengthened. By attending classes at the same time as learning while interacting in society, students give structure to what they learn.

Attending classes in Dutch or any other language is sometimes a challenge due to scheduling issues, especially for expats. Foreigners are often adjusting to a new environment, need time to make new friends, adapt to a new home and many other commitments that fill up the daily schedule. For all of them, Berlitz offers Berlitz Goonline lessons with qualified teachers to learn Dutch wherever and whenever you want.

As in all other Berlitz courses, students learn a new language according to the Berlitz method. This method, patented by the school founded in 1878, consists of starting to speak the new language from the very first day of the class.

When and where is up to the student

Flexibility is one of the best things e-learning courses can offer. Berlitz Go is powered by Mondly, a self-paced language learning app that gives its users full access to features such as drag and drops, written exercises, speech recognition, Augmented Reality (AR) and hands-free mode. All of this is on top of the guidance that helps the student follow a specific learning path as part of the course.

With an instructor at the student’s disposal

When talking about e-learning, people often mistakenly think it means saying goodbye to the possibility of having lessons with a teacher. Berlitz Go's unique feature is that it allows students to study online and according to their own schedule, but to arrange private lessons with a qualified teacher whenever they need to. The student and teacher agree on a time that fits them both and are able to schedule a video call lesson.

From one to two levels up!

Unlike many online courses, Berlitz Go is a results-driven course that focuses on level progression. The Berlitz Go 12-month course consists of 60 lessons: 40 of e-learning on the platform and 20 with a live online instructor. After completing the course, students improve their Dutch by two Berlitz levels. For those who only need to strengthen their level of Dutch, Berlitz Go is also available in a six-month course format. In this case, students improve by one Berlitz level.

Do you want to improve your Dutch online without giving up the personalised advice of a teacher? Berlitz Go awaits you in the Mondly app!

Berlitz Go is available for Dutch, Danish, Italian, Swedish and Norwegian.



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