Berlitz prepares young learners for a bright future with its kids & teens language programmes

Berlitz prepares young learners for a bright future with its kids & teens language programmes


Whether you prefer your children to take online, face-to-face, group or individual language lessons, Berlitz offers a unique experience specially designed for children and teenagers.

Berlitz, an international company dedicated to global and cultural language training, was founded in 1879. Since then, it has been teaching languages to students of all ages in more than 70 countries. Language learning can take place at any age, but children and teenagers are the fastest learners. And knowing more than one language from an early age opens many doors in the future.

Preparing for a bright future

For young children, studying at Berlitz is not just about learning a second or third language; it is an opportunity to prepare themselves for a bright future. Learning a new language means gaining more self-confidence, greater familiarity with other cultures, and acquiring better skills to communicate and deal with new situations.

Did you know that children who learn an additional language score higher on standardised tests? They develop more listening, observation, problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Learning a second language also provides life-long skills that can benefit students both personally and professionally. All parents want their kids to get where they want to be, and knowing several languages will make the journey easier, more fun and more enriching.

In the Netherlands, Berlitz offers language courses designed exclusively for children and teenagers who want to learn or reinforce English, Dutch or any other language. The school offers a variety of kids & teens language learning programmes, with both face-to-face and online classes and for group and individual study. Berlitz adapts to the needs of each student.

Private lessons for more adapted and flexible learning

Private classes are ideal for those who need more flexibility in schedules or require more personalised instruction. All Berlitz teachers are specially trained native-speaking instructors who can also train on a cultural level, so students also learn the context of their new language. The teacher first assesses the child’s level and interests in order to adapt the classes and contents to the student. Berlitz offers private lessons both online and face-to-face in the following languages: Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish. Other languages are available on request.

Berlitz online groups: learn with friends from all over Europe

For those who prefer to study in groups, Berlitz offers online group language courses for children and teenagers. These are international groups where children from all over Europe (Nordic, Latvia, Benelux, Italy and Spain) are in the same class. Group classes offer a more social environment, in which children can interact with peers of the same age and language level.

This is a unique learning experience that builds conversational confidence and keeps kids and teens engaged with activities, friendly challenges and rewards. These classes are taken via the Berlitz Live Online (BLO) platform developed by the language school itself especially for this programme. Online group lessons via BLO are for English, French, German, Spanish and Cambridge exam prep.

Cultural knowledge to become a global citizen

All Berlitz programmes are based on the Berlitz Method, which consists of speaking in the new language from the very first day. In both group and private lessons, the teacher also provides the students with cultural knowledge related to their new language. Simply speaking the same language as someone is a great start, but culturally aware kids and teenagers are more likely to become successful global citizens.

Ready to experience the brightest future?

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