Berlitz language school: Improve your Dutch and speak with confidence

Berlitz language school: Improve your Dutch and speak with confidence


Berlitz language school offers a range of language and culture courses for adults, kids and teens, businesses, and more. They offer the fastest, most effective way to learn a new language - with a cultural understanding to get the most out of these new skills.

With flexible learning options and customised learning programmes, you’ll gain the skills and confidence to start speaking a new language right away.

In-person and online courses: learn Dutch in a way that suits you at Berlitz!

Berlitz's Amsterdam Language Centre helps hundreds of students improve their Dutch every month, in private or group lessons, online or face-to-face.

Why even learn Dutch?

But why do people want to learn Dutch? In a city where it’s possible to live and work in English, why should you invest in learning Dutch?

Make some new friends

To improve your social life and really get to know the locals, it's a good idea to be able to participate in a group conversation longer than it takes the Dutch speakers to switch back to their own language and leave you feeling left out. If you’re looking to socialise less with colleagues and other expats, and more with the Dutch, learning Dutch is crucial.

Berlitz offers Dutch courses for adults, as well as teens and kids. So, no matter what age you come to the Netherlands, you can quickly learn to interact and socialise with the people around you.

Expand your job opportunities

Sure, it’s easy to work in Amsterdam using just English or your native tongue, but what additional career opportunities would open if you spoke Dutch? How could it help in your current role? Are you missing out by being limited to English?

Coming to the Netherlands to work? Berlitz can help you quickly integrate into your new business environment and have you interacting with your colleagues in no time! Are you looking to expand your business into the Netherlands? Then Berlitz also offers Dutch business courses, which are customised to help you and your employees learn Dutch with a particular focus on business language. The courses make use of specific communication tools, like a Cultural Navigator, to help your business and employees thrive in the Dutch market.

Speak like a local

Nobody likes being mistaken for a tourist, especially if you’ve lived in Amsterdam for a while. And it can be quite disheartening to find the locals have difficulty understanding you. You might feel that you’re being treated differently at some points.

Would you like to feel more confident in everyday life here in the Netherlands? Learning Dutch can really help you feel like a local. And, if you struggle to learn in a group setting, or are just a bit shy, Berlitz offers private classes both online and in-person, so you can learn comfortably at your own pace.

Learn the language of love

Are you single or dating a Dutchie? Do you want to ramp up your romantic life by being able to speak the language of love in Dutch? It’s probably a good idea to learn something other than “lekker”.

Get to know the Dutch

Going to Dutch social events where you are the only non-Dutch speaker can be a particularly daunting experience, especially if you’re meeting your Dutch partner’s family for the first time! Some confidence in Dutch is likely to make all the difference.

In situations like these, it can be beneficial to learn Dutch in a group class, as they can really help improve your confidence when speaking Dutch with several other people. Check out Berlitz's online group classes; they offer a number of courses based on a student's current level - from Dutch Beginners to Dutch Intermediate Plus.

Stay up to date

Do current affairs here pass you by? Have you ever been waiting at a train station for an hour before learning there’s a strike? Maybe you’ve found yourself overly reliant on English-language news sites. There’s no better way of staying up to date in the Netherlands than by reading the Dutch news.

Settle into the Netherlands with Berlitz!

Make paperwork a breeze

Dutch bureaucracy can be a real pain. So many government organisations don’t speak English over the phone and official letters are usually only written in Dutch. Learning Dutch gives you a lot more understanding and control of your administration.

Learn Dutch online!

Learn online with Berlitz Go - a results-driven course that focuses on level progression, combining a teacher with self-study - or in their open online group sessions. Both combine flexibility with personal support from a qualified teacher.

If you prefer private face-to-face lessons, whether it’s intensive week-long courses or a roster that suits your schedule, Berlitz has a number of courses for you to choose from.

Call Berlitz Amsterdam on 020 622 1375 or contact them here to learn more.



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