Help your kids adapt to Dutch life: Get them Dutch lessons

Help your kids adapt to Dutch life: Get them Dutch lessons


Berlitz is a world-renowned, international language school providing language training for all ages and language levels. For over 140 years, they have helped millions of learners worldwide improve their language skills and enrich their cultural understanding using the Berlitz Method®.

Expat life with kids in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a multicultural nation that openly welcomes expats into Dutch society. Amsterdam alone is home to over 150 nationalities living together in a melting pot of cultural diversity.

This wonderful European country has become a desirable destination for many expats for several reasons: a high standard of living, rich culture, modern infrastructure, first-rate health care, healthy lifestyle, tolerant society and an excellent education system, to name but a few.

However, adapting to life in the lowlands can be more complex than you might expect, especially when children are in the picture. There are so many things to consider: which area to live in, finding the right school, ensuring an active social life for your kids, adapting to the local culture, creating a social support network for your kids, and most importantly, learning the native language.

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Difficulties faced by expat kids

Adjusting to a new country for expat kids can be a difficult, and often overwhelming, experience. There are so many new things happening all at once: new city, new school, new house, new environment, new customs and traditions to get used to. The traditional Dutch birthday celebration of sitting in a circle and chatting, the obligation of supplying birthday treats for everyone at school, or the famous Dutch breakfast delicacy - hagelslag (chocolate sprinkles) on bread can be quite the eye-opener for many! 

While local traditions and customs can take some time to become accustomed to, by far the most challenging aspect of adapting to Dutch life is getting acquainted with the native language.

Without a strong foundation in Dutch, your kids may struggle to successfully integrate into Dutch society. Problems with learning at school are likely, especially if your kids attend a local Dutch school as opposed to an international one. This can lead to an unhappy social life, and in some cases, more serious consequences such as social isolation, frustration and loneliness.

It can be difficult to make new friends at school or in your local neighbourhood with limited language skills. Regular occasions such as play dates, birthday parties and social gatherings can become more troublesome without a firm grasp of the local lingo. But fear not! Kids are far more resilient than we ever give them credit for and they are well capable of learning new language skills.

Why kids pick up the local lingo quicker than the rest

While learning a new language is an intimidating task for many adults, this is often not the case for kids. Young people tend to lack the social anxiety that inhibits adult learning. They are less fearful of making mistakes, don’t care about looking foolish or being embarrassed, and they are not so worried about being judged by their peers.

This open attitude enables them to learn at a faster rate than adult learners. And more than likely, if they have already been in the Netherlands for some time, they will have picked up pieces of the local lingo from interaction with their local environment.

How learning Dutch increases kids’ quality of life

The ability to chat freely in Dutch makes social friendships, play dates, parties, and general social situations far easier to manage. Dutch movies, local performances, local sports team outings, social groups and local activities will be on the agenda; which without the necessary language skills to take part, would otherwise be too difficult to participate in.

A solid foundation in the language will give a broader perspective on life, open up their world to new and exciting experiences, as well as help them gain a greater understanding of Dutch cultural traditions. Learning a second language at a young age has also been shown to increase cognitive ability and opens up parts of the brain that would otherwise be dormant; not to mention help build their confidence and raise self-esteem.

In addition, multilingual people may have an advantage when it comes to attending college or university, and they will certainly have a distinct edge in the workplace and more career opportunities open to them later in life. So, what are you waiting for?

Berlitz kids (aged 9-12) summer language courses

The internationally recognised language school Berlitz offers summer Dutch language courses specifically designed for expat kids aged 9-12. The courses are educational and fun and are the perfect way for your child to get a handle on the Dutch language, as well as make some new friends along the way.

Small group sizes - a maximum of 6 students per group - facilitate faster learning and mean your child is guaranteed the individual instruction, attention, support and feedback they need to take their first steps in learning Dutch.

Location, duration, dates and times

The kid's language course takes place in a purpose-built, professional language school with modern facilities in central Amsterdam.

  • Ages 9-12
  • Course runs for 2 weeks
  • Monday to Friday
  • August 5th-16th & 19th-30th
  • 9am-12pm each day
  • Total of 30 hours

Book a kid's language course today!

Courses are available to book now and tend to sell out fast. Click here to secure your spot or call on 020 6221375 and help your child ease into Dutch life, so they can live a more integrated and happier life in the Netherlands.



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