Online learning: its advantages and its future

Online learning: its advantages and its future


Online training has been gaining ground in the last decade in a considerable way. Different education centres, public institutions and universities have joined this new approach to education, aware of the lack of time of many people to attend face-to-face classes or the impossibility of combining it with working hours.

Learn online with Berlitz

Berlitz, the international language school with more than 140 years of experience, has been offering not only face-to-face language courses but also distance learning courses, by phone and online, in more than 50 languages for years.

During the COVID-19 crisis, Berlitz had to move all lessons to the already existing online platforms in almost every country, applying their famous learning method, based on learning by speaking, in the virtual environment only.

In the Netherlands, around 65% of the students that took face-to-face classes changed to digital learning and the feedback has been very positive. Berlitz has its own BVC (Berlitz Virtual Classroom) platform, so teachers were already familiar with a virtual environment before the crisis, which made the transition very smooth.

Berlitz Germany had the chance to draft a customer survey on how satisfied the students were with the change to virtual classes and 88% of them were satisfied or very satisfied.

Berlitz, has been offering not only face-to-face language courses but also distance learning courses, by phone and online, in more than 50 languages for years!

The advantages of e-learning

It is clear that during these uncertain times, online learning has become inevitable, but does this mean that face-to-face learning will have less and less importance? What are the advantages of e-learning?

1. You’re saving time

Because you can do it from home or from anywhere you want, e-learning will save you the time you would have spent commuting to your classes. You can plan your day according to your own priorities, without time restrictions. In addition, the advantage of Berlitz is that the courses can be followed via computer, tablet or smartphone.

2. You can choose when to study

You can choose when you want to study based on your personal schedule, this is why the online courses are available 24/7, every day of the year. Of course, it is important to establish your own studying routine in order to get the best results.

3. It allows you to focus on your personal needs

Online courses allow you to focus on your personal interests and learning goals. At Berlitz, the content of the lessons is selected based on the profile, level and objective, to make sure that you focus on the most relevant language skills for your daily life.

Berlitz offers courses over the phone where you can speak to a native teacher at flexible hours: 

  • CyberTeachers: to learn with online language courses 
  • Virtual teaching: to learn with a teacher via a video platform

The options are endless.

4. You have access to all kinds of continually updated content

Berlitz offers a wide range of content such as books, videos, activities, etc. The students can send completed assignments at any time of the day, and the teachers can also update the content at any time.

It has shown that e-learning is an effective way of learning a language with many advantages, although the involvement and commitment of each student are really what determines whether you will succeed or not.

What will tomorrow's learning be like?

Since the coronavirus crisis began, online learning has become something “necessary” to which both students and teachers have had to adapt. In terms of how this is going to influence the future of education, the answer is not clear yet. But that the use of technology will continue to play an important role is certain. So, why not become more familiar with it?

Berlitz will happily find the best solution for you!




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