Open your world to the Netherlands by learning Dutch with the Berlitz method

Open your world to the Netherlands by learning Dutch with the Berlitz method


When you arrive in a new city and start to get to know new people, you have a lot to share with them. At the beginning, it may not be that hard to introduce yourself, talking about where you come from and what you do in your free time, but as soon as you want to take part in deeper conversations, the language barrier can become a problem. In other words, it can be a bit difficult to really open your world to people when you are not fluent in the language.

Learn Dutch with Berlitz

Open your world

In order to help you defeat this challenge, Berlitz, the international language school with more than 140 years of experience, has launched the campaign "Open your world" with different programmes specially designed for expats in the Netherlands who are on their way to becoming fluent in Dutch, or any other language, or perhaps have just started speaking the language!

The Berlitz method, known all over the world, is based on language immersion, as students speak the new language with the teacher starting from the very first class. Whether one-on-one with a native-fluent instructor, an intensive course, or learning online, Berlitz private courses for expats are the ideal way to immerse yourself and build your fluency quickly.

Lessons are catered to your schedule and learning style, so no matter how many classes you take per week, you will be on your way to fluency in Dutch from day one.

Interested in a face-to-face Happy Hour?

Although the Berlitz method has made history since 1878, it is adaptable to any situation and new social situations. Who said happy hours only take place in pubs? Berlitz offers a cost-effective private language course based on Face-to-Face Happy Hour in any Berlitz centre.

Between 12:00 to 16:30, you will get the personalised attention of a qualified Berlitz instructor in daily classes, designed to allow you to progress fast and at a special price. Due to the COVID-19 situation, these one-to-one classes can take place in Berlitz centres or using an online platform.

The best way to get fluent quickly and effectively

For those who need to become fluent in Dutch as soon as possible, Berlitz offers individual lessons during which their qualified native teachers will ensure that you start speaking Dutch starting from your very first lesson. You can take these individual courses in person at any Berlitz centre or online.

Berlitz has already been offering their online courses for years, but since the COVID-19 situation, the school has reinforced the online courses. Berlitz has its own BLO (Berlitz Live Online) platform, used by teachers located all over the world. As instructors were already familiar with a virtual environment before the crisis, the school was ready to respond quickly to the increasing demand for e-learning.

Learn Dutch Berlitz

Cultural understanding - key in courses for expats

The aim of Berlitz courses is not only learning a new language but also having the necessary tools to overcome cultural differences, manage diversity and use the similarities between cultures to achieve maximum performance. As these are individual courses, Berlitz native teachers adapt to your background so they can take into account where you come from in order to help you understand your new cultural environment better.

Are you ready to open your world to the Netherlands?



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