Tuesday marked the Netherlands’ first official warm day of 2021

Tuesday marked the Netherlands’ first official warm day of 2021

This week’s weather has marked a sharp change from the grey and chilly conditions the Netherlands experienced last week. In fact, Tuesday marked the first official warm day of the year, as it reached 20 degrees in De Bilt at around 3pm.

The Netherlands enjoys first warm day of the year

A national warm day can only occur if temperatures reach at least 20 degrees in De Bilt - a town near Utrecht and home to the Dutch Weather Institute. This marks a new weather record for the Netherlands, as never before has it been so warm on March 30. Monday also saw unseasonably high temperatures, with local warm days recorded in Eindhoven and parts of Limburg as temperatures soared above 20 degrees.

The last national warm day in the Netherlands was way back in October, so it’s unsurprising that people were out in droves enjoying the sunshine. This week’s weather means the country is enjoying a spurt of warmth a little earlier than usual - last year, the first official warm day was recorded on April 6, while on average the threshold of 20 degrees isn’t reached until April 13.

While the temperature is set to drop as the weekend approaches, Wednesday will still provide ample opportunity to enjoy the sunshine. Meteorologists predict that March 31 could even mark the first summer day of 2021, with temperatures up to 25 degrees expected in the south-east. If this happens, it would mark the earliest summer day the Netherlands has experienced since 1968!

Parks cleared out and closed to disperse crowds

Unsurprisingly, the gorgeous sunshine and warm temperatures resulted in people up and down the country taking every opportunity to make the most of the weather. However, authorities were concerned about busyness and the spread of coronavirus, as members of the public regularly failed to maintain the recommended 1,5-metre distance.

In Amsterdam, both the Vondelpark and Museumplein quickly became overcrowded. This resulted in police closing off several entrances to Vondelpark at 3pm on Tuesday. The municipality asked the public to avoid busy spaces and to instead enjoy the weather closer to home. The Japanese Blossom Park in the Amsterdamse Bos also saw a sudden influx of visitors on Tuesday. The Amsterdamse Bos attempted to regulate the crowds as much as possible, only allowing 150 visitors into the park at a time.

The stadspark in Maastricht also saw hundreds of people gather for picnics and to sunbathe. The local police and the municipality ultimately decided to clear out the park on Tuesday afternoon. Several fines were issued and one man was arrested. Entrances to the Spoorpark in Tilburg were also closed off, and the municipality of Rotterdam issued a warning that the Kralingse Bos was too busy, asking the public to enjoy the sun elsewhere.

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