[Video] Dutch figure skating champion takes to frozen Amsterdam canals

[Video] Dutch figure skating champion takes to frozen Amsterdam canals

Six-time Dutch figure skating champion Niki Wories made the most of the icy weather last weekend as she took to the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam on Sunday night, wowing everyone with her mesmerising skills. 

Figure skating on Amsterdam's Keizersgracht

With the weather this weekend, its difficult to imagine everyone was ice skating on the canals only a few days ago, and its hard to remember just how cold it was. And even as the ice was melting, Wories wanted to make the most of every last moment of the natuurijs (“natural ice”) before it was gone. 

Lucky for us, her routine was captured by a team of recently graduated filmmakers from the Netherlands Film Academy, and the producer Dobber Bolhuis called Wories’ choreography as a “display of hope in confusing times.” Check out the video below!

Victoria Séveno


Victoria Séveno

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