A suspicious snowman: Amsterdam police investigate ‘lifeless body’

A suspicious snowman: Amsterdam police investigate ‘lifeless body’

Police officers on patrol in Amsterdam on Wednesday night thought they had stumbled upon a crime when they encountered a “lifeless body” in the snow. Luckily, this was a crime easily solved: the body was just a rather unconventional snowman.

Freeze! You're under arrest!

On patrol through the Oosterpark, police spotted the snow-covered body and immediately started to wonder: had a crime been committed? Had someone collapsed in the snow? Upon closer inspection, officers discovered this was merely a case of one imaginative member of the public getting rather creative with some snow - carrot and all!

Amsterdam police took to Facebook to share the unusual incident, and were happy to see the humorous side to the near-crime: “After our colleagues approached the ‘body’, they saw that police tape and ambulances would not be was a good example of getting ‘creative with snow’, including an orange carrot! Either way, the colleagues could laugh about it.”

Afgelopen avond surveilleerde een auto van ons team door het Oosterpark, tot zij plots in de verte een persoon levenloos...

Posted by Politie Amsterdam Oost Watergraafsmeer on Wednesday, 10 February 2021
Victoria Séveno


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