Today’s the day: Partial solar eclipse visible in the Netherlands

Today’s the day: Partial solar eclipse visible in the Netherlands

You’d be forgiven for thinking today was just your average Tuesday, but this Tuesday will see a little bit of magic, as the Netherlands stands a good chance of witnessing a partial solar eclipse around midday. 

Partial solar eclipse visible in Dutch skies on Tuesday

Between 11.08am and 1.03pm on Tuesday, October 25, a partial solar eclipse will be taking place in the skies above the Netherlands. The peak is expected to occur at 12.05pm, when around 22 percent of the sun’s surface will be covered - a little more than during the last partial eclipse last year. Hopefully, the Dutch weather will cooperate and the sky will remain clear of clouds.

While no countries will experience a full eclipse, some parts of Russia will be plunged into near darkness as a whopping 82 percent of the sun will be covered by the moon at the eclipse’s peak. The Netherlands isn’t set to see a full solar eclipse until August 12, 2026. 

How to watch a (partial) solar eclipse safely

If you want to be able to gaze upon the partial solar eclipse safely, make sure you have your solar eclipse glasses or homemade pinhole camera handy. Alternatively, try out this simple method:

Will you be turning your eyes skyward to catch a glimpse of the eclipse? If so, be sure to share your photos with us via our social media accounts!

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