Sunny and 20 degrees: Spring finally arrives in the Netherlands

Sunny and 20 degrees: Spring finally arrives in the Netherlands

Time to (finally) dig those sunglasses out of whichever draw you threw them into in the autumn, because spring is officially on the horizon! Over the course of the coming days, the sun will make a firm appearance in Dutch skies, with temperatures potentially reaching up to 20 degrees on April 20.

Grey weather finally making way for sunshine and warmer temperatures

So far, the Dutch weather hasn’t exactly treated the country to a sunny and enjoyable spring. Aside from a couple of bright blue-sky days, the weather has been fairly cold, grey, and damp. All that is changing though, with Friday marking the first of what is set to be a number of sunny spring days for the Netherlands

Saturday will follow in Friday’s footsteps, with April 15 set to see sunny skies and temperatures ranging from around 12 degrees in Groningen to a very mild 15 degrees in Eindhoven. Consider yourselves warned: Sunday will be a little cloudier and there might even be a few showers, but fret not! The grey and wet weather will not last. 

Temperatures of up to 20 degrees in the Netherlands next week

Next week is when the real terrasweer (“terrace weather”) that the Dutch love arrives, with temperatures rising throughout the course of the week to potentially reach highs of 20 degrees in some parts of the country by Thursday, April 20. 

Until then, expect temperatures of between 13 and 17 degrees in cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. By the end of next week, the biggest Dutch cities will be basking in the sunshine and temperatures of around 19 degrees. Lovely - although current Weeronline forecasts do predict a return of the rain on April 23 (here’s hoping it clears up in time for King’s Day). 

While all this is likely good news for anyone hoping to soak up the sunshine, don’t forget the sunscreen! It might sound a bit dramatic, but the sun will shine at a UV index of around 4 next week, meaning that without any protection, your skin will burn after 30 to 60 minutes in the sun. 

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