Summer is finally (hopefully) on its way to the Netherlands!

Summer is finally (hopefully) on its way to the Netherlands!

Anyone who has spent any time in the Netherlands knows not to get too excited about weather forecasts, as the Dutch weather can be notoriously unpredictable. So far this summer, the Netherlands has seen its warmest June in 120 years, and a lot of rain - but don’t lose hope! Things are set to cheer up again this weekend. 

Summer weather on the way to the Netherlands

So far, this week has seen huge amounts of rain across the country, with thousands forced to evacuate their homes due to flooding in Limburg. Many would be forgiven for assuming the Netherlands wouldn’t experience a proper summer this year. But those predictions are wrong, at least for the time being, as meteorologists say the Netherlands can look forward to sunny skies and warm temperatures. 

Those planning a staycation this summer holiday will be happy to hear that this weekend will see plenty of blue skies and sunshine. Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and The Hague can expect temperatures of around 24 degrees, while temperatures are likely to reach 26 degrees in Eindhoven. The rain is also finally set to go away, so pack away your umbrellas and dig out those sunglasses - summer is here!

Rain replaced by 27 degrees in Limburg and Brabant

The warmer weather is set to stay, with forecasts predicting higher temperatures than normal for this time of year. Next week, temperatures will continue to rise and by Friday you can expect temperatures to reach 27 degrees in Maastricht, Den Bosch, and Eindhoven. The rest of the country will enjoy temperatures ranging from 22 degrees in Groningen to 26 degrees in Rotterdam. 

As next weekend draws nearer though, while temperatures will remain nice and warm, be prepared for a couple of rain showers - after all, it wouldn’t be an authentic Dutch summer without them!

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