Spotify raises prices for users in the Netherlands for the first time

Spotify raises prices for users in the Netherlands for the first time

This week saw the audio streaming platform Spotify raise its subscription prices for customers in the Netherlands for the first time, with the company’s monthly rates rising by up to 3 euros. 

Dutch users now paying more for Spotify

As of Monday, July 24, customers signing up for a Spotify Premium subscription will pay 11 euros a month, up from the 10 euro rate that had been charged since the company launched in the Netherlands back in 2010. 

The prices for a Spotify Duo account - which lets two users living at the same address make use of the platform at a lower cost - have risen from 13 to 15 euros, while the Family account - designed, as the name suggests, with families in mind - now costs 18 euros a month, up from 15 euros.

While these price hikes have come in with immediate effect for new customers, those already signed up for a paid Spotify account have a little time before they’ll see their monthly rates rise; the higher prices will take effect from the date of the next invoice.

International streaming platforms raising prices for customers 

The changes aren’t particularly surprising; when presenting the company’s quarterly figures in the spring, CEO Daniel Ek confirmed that the company was preparing to raise prices. Other similar streaming platforms, including Netflix and Apple Music, have also recently increased their rates.

In the latest quarterly report, Ek said the company had had “very strong quarter”, welcoming “more users and subscribers than expected.” Spotify now has over 220 million paid subscribers across the world.

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