The Netherlands sent a record-breaking 130 million Tikkies in 2022

The Netherlands sent a record-breaking 130 million Tikkies in 2022

Just when you thought the Dutch couldn’t get any more Dutch! Recent data released by a prominent Dutch bank reveals that people in the Netherlands sent a record-breaking 130 million payment requests via Tikkie in 2022. 

Dutch payment request app continues to grow in popularity

2021 was already a big year for the online payment request app Tikkie, which was launched by ABN Amro back in 2016, but 2022 saw the app go on to even bigger and better things. After people in the Netherlands set a new record by sending over 100 million Tikkies in 2021, last year even more Tikkies were sent. 

In 2022, the app processed a whopping 130 million payment requests, amounting to a total of 5,5 billion euros - significantly more than the record of 4,2 billion set the year before - and the average value of each Tikkie rose to 41,84 euros last year. Most Tikkies are still sent in order to settle bills for meals, drinks and groceries.

The busiest day of the year for Tikkie was Friday, November 25, which ABN Amro attributes to the fact that not only was it the day when many workers received their monthly salary, but it was also the date of the Dutch football team’s World Cup match against Ecuador. 

Most Tikkies are paid within just 60 minutes!

The bank behind the app has said that, since Tikkie’s launch six years ago, the platform has processed over 16,8 billion euros worth of payments, and that 63 percent of all payment requests are paid within an hour. Impressively, 36 percent of requests are paid within just five minutes of being sent! 

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