Tikkie’s new Groepie function makes it even easier to split costs with friends

Tikkie’s new Groepie function makes it even easier to split costs with friends

The online payment platform Tikkie is about to make “going Dutch” a lot easier: the app is launching a brand new function that allows users to set up a group in order to automatically calculate who spent what, and how much everyone owes each other. 

New function in Dutch app makes splitting the bill even easier

Sending friends, family members or colleagues a Tikkie after going out for a meal or some beers has become a fairly standard practice in the Netherlands, and the app has practically rendered the question “who’s getting the bill?” obsolete. Now, the brains behind the payment request app are going one step further, making it even easier to repay your nearest and dearest after a night out. 

Following in the footsteps of platforms like Wie Bteaalt Wat and Splitwise, Tikkie has announced the launch of a new function called Groepie, where members of a larger group can all register how much money they’ve spent. The app then knows how much everyone has spent over the course of the outing, and automatically calculates who owes whom. 

Groepie ideal for festivals, holidays abroad, and students 

ABN AMRO - the Dutch bank behind the popular app - think the new function is ideal for more expensive or long-term outings, like a festival or a holiday with friends, but thinks it might also come in handy for students or those with roommates looking to share monthly expenses. 

"We expect Groepie to be widely used," says Rogier Brinker, head of sales at Tikkie. "There is no need to switch between different apps or cost settlement tools. Settlement is very easy with a Tikkie."

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