The Netherlands sent over 100 million Tikkies in 2021

The Netherlands sent over 100 million Tikkies in 2021

The online payment request app Tikkie has seen its popularity grow significantly over the past few years, with people in the Netherlands sending over 100 million Tikkies in 2021 alone. 

"Send me a Tikkie!"

Like “Google,” “Tikkie” has become a verb amongst people in the Netherlands; heading to the cinema with a friend but they buy the tickets? You’ll likely tell them "send me a Tikkie" so you can pay them back. In fact, the practice of sending someone a Tikkie has become so common, it’s hard to believe the app is only a few years old - and difficult to imagine what people did before the app was launched. 

According to research conducted by a prominent Dutch bank, ABN Amro, people in the Netherlands sent a record number of Tikkies in 2021; over 100 million Tikkies were paid, amounting to a total of over 4,2 billion euros. 

Paying friends back for food, drinks, and cinema trips

Most Tikkies are still sent in order to settle bills for food and groceries, but those involved in the research at ABN Amro also note that the platform has seen its popularity increase amongst businesses and companies in the Netherlands

The busiest day of the year for Tikkie was Monday June 28, when almost 471.000 Tikkies were sent - likely a result of the relaxation of various COVID-19 restrictions on June 26 and the football match that the Netherlands played against Czechia on June 27.

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