Coronavirus press conference: More relaxations, face mask rule lifted from June 26

Coronavirus press conference: More relaxations, face mask rule lifted from June 26

At the press conference on Friday, June 18, Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Health Minister Hugo de Jonge announced further relaxations to the national coronavirus restrictions. These relaxations will come into effect on Saturday, June 26.

More measures to lift on June 26

Rutte said that, from June 26, the 1,5-metre rule would be the key rule, supported by the other basic rules (washing hands, coughing into your elbow, staying home when showing symptoms).

He also said that anything that could happen where distance could be maintained could go ahead without any other restrictions - this means that, as long as there is space, people can meet as many friends as they want, at home and outdoors, and no restrictions on alcohol sales will apply in bars and restaurants.

Rutte and De Jonge announced that a number of restrictions will be eased from June 26:

  • Where 1,5-metre distance can be maintained, the mandatory face mask rule for public indoor areas will be lifted (rule will still apply for public transportairports, and secondary schools)
  • Advice to work from home to be lifted
  • No more enforced opening times for the catering industry
  • So-called flow locations can welcome up to one visitor per five square metres
  • Restaurants, bars, cinemas, and theatres can now welcome as many people as they like, as long as 1,5-metre distance is maintained
  • Bars and restaurants will be able to show Euros matches (and other sports events) on large screens
  • Nightclubs to open
  • Free coronavirus tests will be available for un-vaccinated people who wish to travel internationally

After being closed for over a year, nightclubs will finally be able to open their doors to the public. However, anyone hoping to plan a night out in the near future will be required to present a negative coronavirus test or proof of vaccination before being granted entry. 

The lifting of the work from home advice is conditional to the coronavirus rules in place in each office / workspace. Offices that can enforce the 1,5-metre rule can welcome all employees, and employees can choose to spend up to half their weekly working hours in the office instead of at home.

Venues and events that don't want to have to adhere to the 1,5-metre rule will have to request so-called access tests from all customers / visitors. Flow locations (i.e. museums) that make use of access tests will also not be required to adhere to the max. capacity restrictions.

More relaxations for large events

As the Dutch government announced earlier this month, more freedom is being granted to the Dutch events industry. Large events and festivals (up to 25.000 people) will once again be able to take place from June 30, so long as everyone in attendance presents either proof of vaccination / recovery from COVID-19, or a recent negative coronavirus test (max. 40 hours old) upon arrival.

Once inside the event, those in attendance will not be required to maintain 1,5-metre distance or wear a face mask. The one rule is that these events cannot last longer than 24 hours.

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