Prepare for a cold, wet and snowy weekend in the Netherlands

Prepare for a cold, wet and snowy weekend in the Netherlands

It’s been impossible not to notice the weather changing over the past week, as the Netherlands quickly transitioned from gloriously warm and sunny days to grey skies and rain within the course of just a few days. As people across the country set their sights on the imminent weekend, weather forecasters say the country should prepare for cold days and even colder nights, with some parts of the Netherlands likely to see some snow. 

Dutch weather switches from record highs to bitingly cold temperatures 

October 2022 brought unseasonably warm weather, a trend which continued into the beginning of November. Last weekend, the Netherlands experienced its warmest November 12 since records began in 1901, with the Dutch Weather Institute (KNMI) recording highs of 16,2 degrees at its headquarters in De Bilt (a town near Utrecht). 

The weather has changed pretty quickly though; this week, the Netherlands saw the mercury fall below 10 degrees for the first time since April, and a weather station in North Brabant recorded the first frost of the season in the early hours of Monday morning, as temperatures dipped to -1,4 degrees. 

Groningen and Drenthe likely see first snow of the season

With some parts of Europe, including Germany, already having seen their first snow of the season, it’s perhaps unsurprising that meteorologists expect the northern and northeastern regions of the Netherlands to see some snow this weekend. 

According to Weeronline, over the course of Friday afternoon and evening, the cloud cover will increase and the temperature will drop. While some parts of the country will see rain showers, areas in Groningen and Drenthe should prepare for sleet. On Saturday, the skies should clear, but it will be cold: highs of just 5 degrees are expected in Amsterdam and The Hague, while in Groningen it won’t get any warmer than 3 degrees. Down south in Maastricht it’s expected to be warmer (7 degrees) but also wetter. 

As Saturday rolls into Sunday, temperatures will fall overnight, with temperatures falling below 0 across most of the country, reaching as low as -5 degrees in some areas. On Sunday, cloud cover will increase again, with sleet and snow expected in the north and northeast. Temperatures will range from highs of 7 degrees in the southwest to just 3 degrees in the northeast.

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