Unseasonably warm weather on the cards for the Netherlands this week

Unseasonably warm weather on the cards for the Netherlands this week

You’ve likely already noticed that the weather has been rather warm the last couple of days - and it's only set to get warmer this week. The Netherlands might be preparing to turn the clocks back in time for the winter, but unseasonably high temperatures and summer-like weather are on the cards for this weekend.

End of October to see temperatures of above 20 degrees

Temperatures ranging between 15 and 18 degrees have been fairly common over the past couple of days, and while Thursday is set to see a fair amount of rain in the afternoon and evening, the warm weather isn’t going anywhere just yet. Temperatures across the country will average at around 19 or 20 degrees, and towns and cities in the southeast could even see the mercury reach as high as 22 degrees Celsius. 

Friday will see some exceptionally mild weather for this time of year; don’t expect any rain, and be sure to dig out your sunglasses because it will be sunny. Utrecht will see highs of 22 degrees, and it’s likely to reach up to 24 degrees in cities like Eindhoven and Maastricht.

Weather remains warm as the Netherlands switches to winter time

The summery conditions are set to continue into the weekend, with many meteorologists expecting the high temperatures will break various Dutch weather records. Saturday will see temperatures range from 19 degrees in Groningen to 23 degrees in Maastricht, although areas in the north should prepare for cloudy skies.

By the time Sunday afternoon comes around, temperatures will drop to averages of between 16 and 18 degrees. It should remain largely dry, although as the day progresses the chance of rain showers will increase. While Sunday marks the first day of winter time, it doesn’t necessarily mean the country should prepare for real winter weather, as next week is expected to see temperatures remain at around 15 degrees.

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