Preparation for winter cycling in the Netherlands begins

Even though we are amidst the joys of the Dutch summer, preparation for cycling in the Netherlands during winter has already begun thanks to data taken from pilot projects started last year.

Reporting slippery bike baths

Last year the Fietsberaad created a new website where cyclists could report icy spots and accidents resulting from them, piloted in Zaanstad.

After receiving feedback from around 200 cyclists the Fietsberaad has put together a report in order to help municipalities deal with cycle path maintenance during the winter months both practically and efficiently.

Designated cycling network

The report concedes that it is impossible to prevent slipperiness on all cycle paths in the area, therefore it is recommended that a main cycling network be designated which cyclists will be aware of and which municipalities can maintain thoroughly during winter.

The designation of this route should be based upon the most important points of arrival and departure in the area, the report suggests, such as schools, shops and office buildings.


As well as the website where dangerous cycling spots can be identified it has been suggested that the municipalities map where maintenance is taking place.

Winter cycling in the Netherlands

Such maintenance can then be assessed and rated by the cycle path users so that municipalities can improve both their service and the efficency of their reponses to the problem.

While we all may be praying for a little more sunshine in the Netherlands this summer, at least we can look forward to cycling a little safer during the coming winter.

Mark McDaid


Mark McDaid

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