More international rail services available in the Netherlands in 2022

More international rail services available in the Netherlands in 2022

A series of recent announcements from various rail companies means the Netherlands will see an increase in the number of international rail services available from next year, improving overall rail connectivity across Europe. 

International train services in the Netherlands

Dutch rail services have expanded and improved significantly over the past year, with the introduction of a night train between Amsterdam and Vienna, the launch of the direct Eurostar route between the Netherlands and London, and news that a night train service between Amsterdam and Zurich will launch this winter

While these changes marking a significant step towards encouraging more affordable, accessible, and sustainable train travel, even more international routes are expected to launch in the not-too-distant future. Earlier this year a start-up announced plans to introduce a night train service to Prague next April, and rail company Green City Trip confirmed night train services between Breda and Prague, Venice, Milan, and Budapest.

Sustainable and affordable rail travel in Europe

ProRail, a government organisation that takes care of maintenance and extensions of the national railway network infrastructure, is pleased by the recent changes, and is hopeful the new rail services will help the continent achieve EU climate goals. “With each additional international train, the possibilities for travellers to choose the environmentally-friendly train over car or plane increase,” said ProRail spokesman Coen van Kranenburg.

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