Night train between Amsterdam and Barcelona to launch in 2025

Night train between Amsterdam and Barcelona to launch in 2025

The Netherlands is one step closer to adding a brand new night train service to its public transport network, after the EU approved a start-up company’s plans to launch a route connecting the Dutch capital with Barcelona. 

EU approves Dutch company's plans to launch night train to Barcelona

It was last summer that European Sleeper - a Dutch start-up company devoted to expanding rail connections between the Netherlands and cities across Europe - announced plans to establish a connection between Amsterdam and Barcelona

While European Sleeper had initially hoped to have the service up and running by December 2023, the launch has now been pushed back to spring 2025 - but there has been some good news for the company, as the European Commission approved the plans earlier this month. So, while holidaymakers will have to wait a while before booking their tickets, the service is now one step closer to launching. 

New night train to connect Amsterdam and Rotterdam with Spain

According to the start-up’s plans, the train will set off from Amsterdam in the evening, stopping in Rotterdam, Antwerp, Brussels, and Lille on the way down to Spain. It’ll be a pretty long trip - even by night train standards - so co-founder Chris Engelsman wants to make sure all the planning is in place so that the arrival time in Barcelona isn’t too late in the day. 

The night train to Barcelona is the latest in a long line of services pitched by European Sleeper. The company is launching a night train service to Berlin in May, and also intends to partner with Sunweb in order to offer services to the French Alps and destinations along the French coast.

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