Night train connecting Amsterdam and Berlin to launch in May

Night train connecting Amsterdam and Berlin to launch in May

And European Sleeper has done it again: the company has announced that, on May 25, it will launch a brand new night train service connecting three Dutch cities with Berlin!

Overnight travel from Rotterdam or Amsterdam to Berlin

Yet another night train service is being added to the Dutch public transport network in 2023. While European Sleeper had initially hoped to launch a night train service to Prague this spring, unforeseen delays mean the plans have had to be adjusted slightly. Instead, just part of the original route will be launched on time. 

From May 2023, travellers will be able to board a night train service in Brussels, Antwerp, RotterdamAmsterdam or Deventer that will take them straight through to the German city of Berlin. The final part of the route - which goes via Dresden to Prague - is now due to launch in December 2023.

Tickets for new night train start at just 49 euros

If you’re already buzzing to book your trip to Germany, then there’s some good news for you: ticket sales start on February 20, with prices starting at just 49 euros for a standard seat. Tickets for a couchette in one of the train’s six-person cabins start at 79 euros. There are also a couple of private cabins, as well as a women-only coupe.

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