Snooze from Amsterdam to Barcelona on a brand new night train!

Snooze from Amsterdam to Barcelona on a brand new night train!

Rail connections in Europe are continuing to improve, and each year the Netherlands adds a brand new train service that connects Dutch cities to destinations across the continent. The latest addition to the lineup? A train service that takes you from Amsterdam to Barcelona while you sleep!

Board the night train to Barcelona

Looking to plan a getaway to a southern European city? Well, this might be just the thing for you! Dutch start-up company European Sleeper is looking to expand its catalogue by offering a night train service that connects the Dutch capital - and various other cities in the Netherlands - with Barcelona. 

While it’s certainly an exciting prospect, anyone hoping to book a ticket will have to be patient: the service isn’t set to launch until December 10, 2023 - although the brains behind the initiative say there’s a chance the first trains could run before next winter.

New trains to connect the Netherlands with destinations across Europe 

Founded just last year, European Sleeper is working to set up a number of services between the Netherlands and other European destinations. Last spring, the company announced plans to establish a night train service to Prague

The start-up company is also planning to partner with Sunweb in order to offer services to the French Alps and destinations along the French coast.

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