Soon you’ll be able to board the night train to Prague!

Soon you’ll be able to board the night train to Prague!

The popularity of train travel is on the rise, and luckily this means that companies across the continent are establishing new routes to connect the cities of Europe by rail. The latest edition to the Amsterdam rail schedule? A night train that will travel from Brussels, via Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Berlin all the way to Prague!

Dutch company to run a night train service to Prague!

Dutch start-up European Sleeper hopes to launch the route in April 2022, with services running three times a week throughout the initial months. The train will stop in 12 cities across Europe, including Antwerpen, Hannover, and Dresden, as well as two Dutch cities.

“Our own sleeper train will soon connect major cities, stop at majestic stations and cross wonderful landscapes on the way,” European Sleeper writes on their website. The start-up explains that the route will be ideal for both city and business trips, departing from Brussels in the early evening before arriving in Prague the next morning. 

The Netherlands' plans to improve rail connectivity with Europe

With train travel offering a potentially cheaper and more sustainable alternative to flying, the Dutch government is eager to improve rail connectivity between its European neighbours. However, since 2016, there have been no night train services running out of Amsterdam. 

The latest announcement about a service to Prague joins a long list of plans for train services between the Netherlands and other European countries: later this year, an overnight service to Vienna is scheduled to launch later this year, while rail companies are also looking to reintroduce the night train service to Zurich and establish a route between the Netherlands and Scandinavia!

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