Freezing temperatures, sunshine and snow on the cards for the Netherlands

Freezing temperatures, sunshine and snow on the cards for the Netherlands

It’s been impossible not to notice the chill in the air over the past couple of days - and anyone who’s been enjoying the recent bout of cold weather in the Netherlands will likely be happy to hear that the freezing temperatures won’t be going anywhere soon. 

Cold wind bringing freezing temperatures to Europe

2022 may have been one of the Netherlands’ warmest years on record, but the mild temperatures the country experienced in the autumn have been nowhere to be seen this December. Instead, a rush of cold air has brought freezing weather and snow to much of Europe, including Germany and Switzerland, where some regions face temperatures as low as minus 30

While it won’t get quite as cold in the Netherlands, you’ll definitely want to keep your gloves, a thick scarf - and a pair of sunglasses! - to hand. This week will kick off with largely clear and sunny skies, and maximum temperatures of just 2 degrees during the day. Expect frost on Monday night, and temperatures of around minus 6. 

The Dutch Weather Institute (KNMI) has issued a code yellow weather warning for ice and slippery roads in the northern and southern regions of the country as a result of the freezing conditions, warning drivers to prepare for potential disruptions to their travel plans.

A cold (and snowy?) week in the Netherlands

The cold weather will continue into Tuesday: you shouldn’t expect to see temperatures above zero on Tuesday morning. Over the course of Tuesday afternoon, it might get a little warmer - forecasts predict highs of 1 degree in Maastricht, Amsterdam and Rotterdam -  but the cloud cover and chance of rain will also increase. 

Wednesday might bring some snow to areas near Maastricht, but the air should be a little warmer. Temperatures will rise again on Thursday, ranging from 1 degree in the east to 5 degrees in the northwest, and there could be a little bit more snow too. From Friday, while the nights will remain extremely cold, temperatures should be a little milder during the day, but the chance of rain and snow increases. 

Any ice skating aficionados might be lucky this week, as there could be some patches of natuurijs (“natural ice”) in Friesland and Gelderland which they’ll be able to skate on - although caution is advised. 

Will the Netherlands have a white Christmas?

A few weeks ago, meteorologists said it was unlikely that the Netherlands would wake up to snow on Christmas morning. But, with extremely cold temperatures on the cards for the foreseeable future, can the country get excited about potentially being able to celebrate a white Christmas? According to the team over at Weeronline, probably not. 

The wind is expected to turn in the final week leading up to Christmas, which means temperatures could rise again. However, other models do suggest that it could stay very cold and that there might be a chance of snow. Experts say the exact details will become clearer this weekend, so you’ll still have to wait a few days to find out for sure.

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