Amsterdam... The Essence for iPad

Amsterdam... The Essence for iPad

Amsterdam… The Essence tells the story of the city in the words of 25 Amsterdammers who shape it.

Now, apart from The Essence website and dozens of bookshops, Amsterdam… The Essence can also be downloaded from iTunes store!

Have a look at parts of the interviews with:
 Tattooist to the stars Henk Schiffmacher
 Gay rights activist & artist Fya Hopelezz
 Rapper & artist Def P
 Street artist Laser 3.14
 Former Mayor of Amsterdam Job Cohen
 Hollywood actress Halina Reijn
› Head of the Amsterdam Museum Paul Spies
› Singer & songwriter Lake Montgomery

And check David Beckett's unique eBook (iPad) with 247 pictures, 28 sound clips and 17 movies!

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