Winter Beer Festival Leiden

Winter Beer Festival Leiden

Jan 28, 2024
Scheltema, Marktsteeg 1
14,50 euros

Find your new favourite beer this winter! Local Dutch breweries are proud to present their seasonal brews at the fifth annual Winter Beer Festival Leiden! Over 10 breweries offer their prized beers for this convivial event.

What are winter beers?

Winter beers are beers that have been brewed in the cold season, which is reflected in the taste. They are generally darker and maltier than regular beers, and the alcohol percentage is higher. Many winter beers use spices and ingredients like honey, cinnamon, liquorice root and cloves.

Beer tasting at Scheltema

The Winter Beer Festival will take place indoors at Scheltema in Leiden, at the Marktsteeg. It's a robust building with an artisan atmosphere, and its vibe is perfect for beer tasting. They will also be serving artisanal pea soup, meatballs, a cheese platter and bitterballen. Visitors can purchase food and drinks with special festival tokens.

Starter pack

Upon entering, visitors will receive a starter pack with a small tasting glass, two beer coins and a booklet containing the day’s programme.

Attending the Winter Beer Festival

Drink incredible beer at the Winter Beer Festival Leiden. Visit the official Winter Beer Festival Leiden website for more information about the event.