Wealth Management Strategies, free seminar in Amsterdam

Wealth Management Strategies, free seminar in Amsterdam

Feb 07, 2018
7.30pm - 9pm
Andaz Prinsengracht, Prinsengracht 587, 1016 HT
Free, registration required

American citizens and other expats with an interest in personal financial planning are welcome to join the free seminar on Wealth Management Strategies.

About the Seminar

Organizing one’s finances and preparing financially for the future is difficult enough for anyone. Living overseas and being an expat adds another challenging layer to the equation.

Living in multiple countries, working for one or more companies, affects one’s retirement planning and wealth management. Having pension plans with different companies and in different countries, for example, requires frequent evaluation to ensure that your finances are properly set up for your future financial needs.

Additionally, Americans and people with close ties to the United States are bound to be affected by US FATCA regulations, and have different needs when it comes to managing their wealth effectively.

Whatever challenges you encounter, personal wealth management isn’t all that easy, and educating yourself will help you make the most of your savings.

Beacon Financial Education will discuss Wealth Management Strategies for Internationals, including the various investment options available to American expats & Internationals living in The Netherlands, during their free events in Amsterdam, The Hague and Eindhoven next month.

About Beacon Financial Education

Beacon Global Group Europe ’s division Beacon Financial Education has been created with the purpose of helping and educating expatriates who want to get and maintain control of their personal finances.

They host financial awareness seminars for internationals throughout The Netherlands and Europe in collaboration with Independent Financial Advisors from the Beacon Preferred Partner Network.

In 2017, hundreds of internationals attended their seminars to learn more about how to organize their finances, the financial implications of US FATCA and investment diversification and portfolio management.

This Winter / Spring they return with their new seminar on “Wealth Management Strategies”, an updated presentation to further educate those who want to have a sophisticated knowledge of how to manage their wealth, including creating an investment portfolio management.

The seminar is especially interesting for American expats, who – until recently – had only limited options to invest while living overseas.

Register here for one of their upcoming seminars.

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