Utrecht Early Music Festival

Utrecht Early Music Festival

Aug 23, 2019Sep 01, 2019
TivoliVredenburg, Vredenburgkade 11, 3511 WB & other venues
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Utrecht Early Music Festival

At the end of summer, there's no better place to experience music from the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque eras than in lovely Utrecht!

The largest festival in the whole world that focuses on these genres, the annual Utrecht Early Music Festival hosts more than 200 concerts at beautiful venues in the historic city centre. Concerts are not the only part of the programme: the festival is a hive of activity, with lectures, exhibitions, a symposium and more.

Stile Galante and Ann Hallenberg by Mood PhotostudioPhoto credit: Mood Photostudio

With the TivoliVredenburg as the festival's heart, along with beautiful old venues such as the St. Willibrordkerk, St. Catharinakerk, Pieterskerk and Geertekerk, the events are surely a must for any classical music fan! Concerts are generally an hour, without an intermission, but there can be exceptions, especially in the concerts beginning at 8pm that tend to be longer.

Napoli – Music’s Forgotten Capital

Each year, a different theme is chosen to give the festival a degree of uniformity and to let visitors know what to expect. For 2019, the theme of Naples has been chosen. The event programming is drawn from various composers and styles that were popular in this scintillating Italian city. Socially engaged writer and director Thomas Höft is co-curator of the festival.

Marco MencoboniPhoto credit: Lorenzo Franzi

Under the theme "Napoli – Music’s Forgotten Capital", the Utrecht Early Music Festival will be exploring the musical legacy of this Italian cultural metropolis. The festival takes place between August 23 and September 1, and will consist of 250 concerts, lectures and other events. Naples will shine in all its bright colours: from opera and large-scale music for choir and orchestra to intimate recitals.

Not only is Naples famous for boasting some of the most delicious food in Italy and one of the most beautiful bays in Europe, but it has also been portrayed in a harsh way over the years, decades and centuries, what with traffic chaos, garbage wars and organised crime. A city of a thousand contradictions, the question has been raised: is Naples a paradise inhabited by devils?

Between the 15th and 18th centuries, the city became one of Europe’s most important centres for music, with opera buffa and commedia dell’arte at the centre of musical life. Listen to the Neapolitan sounds of the composers Agricola, De Macque, Scarlatti, Provencale, Pergolesi, Jommelli and many more.

Jordi SavallPhoto credit: Hervé Pouyfourcat

Featured musicians

  • Duo Serenissima
  • Laurent Stewart
  • Ensemble Agamemnon
  • Ensemble Peregrina
  • Capella de la Torre
  • Les Corps Éloquents
  • The Netherlands Bach Society
  • Capella Amsterdam
  • Ton Koopman

Additionally, there are artists in residence, namely Marco Mencoboni and Giulio Prandi.

Plan your visit to Utrecht Early Music Festival

Tickets are sold per event, so click on your chosen concert for ordering / price information. To see the entire list of festival performances, go to the Utrecht Early Music Festival website. The website is really a music lover's dream because, in the search for your ideal concerts in the concert programme, you can filter by era, genre, location and ensemble setting.

Thumb photo: Foppe Schut