Tulip Festival of the North East Polder

Tulip Festival of the North East Polder

Apr 19, 2024May 05, 2024

It’s tulip season, and that means magnificent flowers on show in the Netherlands. If you can’t get enough of the bright, mesmerising sight of tulips, then the Tulip Festival of the North East Polder is for you - this reclaimed land in Flevoland is utterly breathtaking!

Tulip Route of the North East Polder in the Netherlands

This is ideal for a car trip, with a fully signposted route around the North East Polder. It can also be a great day out by bicycle or even on foot. The route is very well planned and allows you to stop at various locations that offer activities, such as open gardens. 

There is even a special tulip garden along the route that allows you to pick your own bouquet of tulips.

Flevoland and its tulip fields

Flevoland, to the east of North Holland and South Holland, is renowned for its tulip fields

While bulb cultivation began much earlier in other parts of the Netherlands, such as the Bulb Region (Bollenstreek) near Leiden which has been a bulb cultivating region since the 16th century, Flevoland is home to the largest tulip field area in the country.

The land is more than four metres below sea level and was only reclaimed from the Zuiderzee in the 20th century. In such a short time, it has quickly become one of the go-to places during tulip season.

Places to see on the Dutch tulip route

As well as endless amounts of tulip fields, there are also stunning villages and gardens to visit along the route:

Schokland, a UNESCO World Heritage Site 

The former island Schokland is worth a stop-over. It’s now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Tulip Festival of the North East Polder

Must-see open gardens on the tulip route

Most years, stunning gardens are open to the public during the Tulip Festival:

  • Lipkje Schat Gardens: Polenweg 9, 8314 PL Bant
  • De Pegasushof Gardens: Klutenweg 5, 8314 PB Bant
  • De Goldhoorn Gardens: Klutenweg 13, 8314 PB Bant
  • De Stekkentuin Gardens: Noordermiddenweg 13, 8311 PZ Espel

Want to see more spectacular flowers in the Netherlands?

Don't miss the bright colours of the tulips during these special weeks! Check out the Tulip Festival website for more details on how to plan your tulip route!

Tulip Festival of the North East Polder