Master Oh: Inspiring talks and powerful meditations at Amsterdam event

Master Oh: Inspiring talks and powerful meditations at Amsterdam event

Mar 25, 2023Mar 26, 2023
Novotel Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Taurusavenue 12, 2132 LS
Normal price 325 euros
Early Bird offer 260 euros (until January 31)

Join Master Oh on this unique and life-changing two-day big event in Amsterdam, and begin the journey to find Universal connection and healing on every level. To enquire or book, please contact the centre based in The Hagie on 070 514 7544 or email: [email protected]

Through inspiring talks and powerful meditations, Master Oh helps you understand the secrets of the universe, as well as come into contact with your own inner power to create love and joy in your life and recharge with Universal energy.

Discover your potential through a series of workshops and meditations

Realise the path to true inner happiness and discover your potential as a human being through a series of workshops and meditations. Master Oh will also shed light on how inherited energy patterns can affect you and your energy system. Learn how to clear these patterns through Ancestor Healing, a programme to clear karmic blockages and pave the way for a brighter and healthier future.

Attend Transformative Healing Event Amsterdam with Master Oh 

The two-day Amsterdam event with Master Oh will help you to:

  • Increase your energy
  • Strengthen your mind
  • Regain your health
  • Clear negative emotions
  • Find inner happiness and peace

During the two-day event, you will enjoy meditations to restore your energy levels, and many fascinating talks and workshops that will change your perspective on life and help you to live yours to the fullest.

Master Oh event

What to expect at the event with Master Oh

What to expect at the Amsterdam event:

  • A series of inspiring talks
  • Calming Qi energy classes
  • Powerful guided meditations
  • Coffee and tea refreshments mid-morning and mid-afternoon


Learn from Master Oh's incredible wisdom on topics such as the Universal mind, eternal life, ancestors and karma.

Qi Classes

Learn to recharge and harness your Qi energy through chants, movements, and meditation to recharge the body and calm the mind.

Reserve your place now

Make sure you don't miss out and reserve your place now! To Enquire or Book, please contact Den Haag centre at +31 (0)70 514 7544 or email [email protected]