STRP Festival

STRP Festival

Apr 11, 2024Apr 13, 2024
Microstad, Professor Doctor Dorgelolaan 2 5611 BA

STRP Festival, based in Eindhoven, showcases the most mind-boggling hybrid forms of art, technology and music, utilising all kinds of technology, from screens to projections, to bring exciting new concepts to light. This year, the theme is "A Matter of Freedom", showing the symbiosis and togetherness of humanity.

About STRP

STRP is named after the former Philips factory site, known as Strijp-S, where this biennial event takes place. It's the biggest event for creative technology in the Netherlands, attracting around 25.000 visitors on a typical year. 

The event, held every second year, aims to link creative technology to art and life, for a wide and curious audience. It has developed into one of the most diverse indoor art and technology festivals not only in the Netherlands, but even in Europe. It invites visitors to explore the boundaries between the "many windows on the planet" that surround us these days.

In this digitised world, screens are bursting out of their seams. They’re bigger, flatter, interactive and smart, and they’re all around us. Slowly, our surroundings are turning into one big screen. Holographic images, virtual reality and 3D mapping are bringing parallel worlds to life, and making our glimpses into those other worlds more vivid. How will we move forward from here? Will we step through the screen, or will we always remain slightly detached?

Artists at STRP 

More than 50 artists - performers, musicians and creative minds create works for the newest screens and try to break through them without fear. Half of the programme focuses on screen-based exploration, while the other half completely and purposefully forgoes the use of screens. Many artists will feature new works or works that have never before been exhibited in the Netherlands.

Get your STRP tickets

Get ready for online streams at this year's festival. You can order your tickets on the STRP website.