The Spirit of Amsterdam

The Spirit of Amsterdam

Mar 16, 2019Mar 19, 2019
Zuiderkerkhof 72, 1011 WB
39 euros for a standard entrance ticket

The fifth edition of The Spirit of Amsterdam takes place on March 16, 2019 at Zuiderkerk in Amsterdam. Experience the "whisky way of living" at this memorable whisky festival!

An international whisky festival

The Spirit of Amsterdam is an international whisky festival that presents over 500 different types of whisky by renowned international importers and distilleries. Combined with whisky-related stories, music, food and lifestyle, the festival introduces visitors to whisky in all its forms and interpretations. In three-hour sessions, you can taste all the featured beverages and discuss them with professionals to increase your whisky wisdom.

The Spirit of Amsterdam programme

There are two main sessions on March 16:

  • Afternoon session: 1pm to 5pm
  • Evening session: 7pm to 11pm

Amsterdam drams

Upon entry to the festival, you will be presented with a Glencairn glass engraved with The Spirit of Amsterdam logo. This glass allows you to familiarise yourself with the presented whiskies in small sips, also known as "drams". The more exclusive types of whisky may require a fee of one or more "AmsterDrams", the festival’s local currency, that represents one euro.

Book your tickets

Book your Spirit of Amsterdam tickets on The Spirit of Amsterdam website. You can order tickets to either the afternoon session or the evening session.