Shakespeare in the Open Air – The Comedy of Errors by STET

Shakespeare in the Open Air – The Comedy of Errors by STET

Aug 30, 2017Sep 02, 2017
Putten, Heeswijk-Dinther, Wassenaar

See the bard’s classic The Comedy of Errors, performed by the beloved British open-air theatre company Illyria!

The Comedy of Errors

In the bard’s shortest, funniest and most rambunctious comedy, two sets of identical twins, separated at birth, unknowingly end up in the same city, and through a series of chance meetings their lives and sanity begin to unravel.

More and more people are sucked into a vortex of mistaken identity including an officer who is paid per arrest; a goldsmith who hasn't been paid at all; a delayed merchant; an irate courtesan and a mad exorcist, not to mention a wife who sometimes feels her husband has two different personalities and a poor immigrant who is arrested for having the wrong nationality.

And what exactly is the Abbess of Ephesus's dark secret? Will anything ever make sense again?

To top it all off, this year Illyria’s Shakespeare production has re-located to the town of Ephesus, Mexico, and will be performed by a five-piece Mariachi band, resplendent in ponchos and sombreros. Ay caramba!

Dates and locations

The Comedy of Errors will be performed in three locations:

  • August 30: Heeswijk-Dinther (near Den Bosch)
  • August 31 - September 1: Wassenaar (near The Hague)
  • September 2: Schovenhorst (near Putten)

Picnic and the weather

The grounds open two hours before the performance, so bring along your picnic hampers and fill them with your homemade pies, tarts, salads and other goodies!

The performance soldiers on regardless of the weather, so bring insect repellent, warm clothes and a rain coat to be fully prepared for the show!

Open Air Theatre Company Illyria

Illyria has been delighting audiences across Britain, the Netherlands, Germany, the United States and Canada since 1992. The company has won international acclaim for its lively, innovative approach to Shakespeare's plays and its high-quality shows for families.

Due to their reputation for excellence, Illyria now performs more plays to more people than any other open-air touring theatre company.