The Parade | Amsterdam

The Parade | Amsterdam

Aug 09, 2017Aug 25, 2017
Martin Luther Kingpark

From August 11 to 27, unique theatre festival The Parade can be enjoyed in Amsterdam!

About The Parade

The Parade is a travelling theatre festival that pops up in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, The Hague and Utrecht during the summer. The programme contains over 80 theatre, dance, mime and music performances, most of which have been created especially for the occasion.

Delicious cuisine at The Parade

The Parade offers a variety of delicious foods, from snacks to full dinners by participating restaurants. You can also enjoy a colourful cocktail or a selection of fine wines.

The Parade programme

The Parade brings an interesting theatre programme to the stage. Here are some highlights of performances and activities in Amsterdam, that don’t have a language barrier:

  • Kanwakaboom - Humorous percussion with a Caribbean flair.
  • Springtime - A charming rom-com in the style of old silent films.
  • La Voyage Dans La Lune - A music performance with images from Meliès’ classic film.
  • Sssh, No Singing Please - A turbulent train journey through our own digital numbness.
  • SOS Earth - An interactive mockumentary, looking at Earth from Mars.

Four cities

The Parade will be taking place in four cities:

  • Rotterdam: June 23 - July 2, Museumpark
  • The Hague: July 7 - 16, Westbroekpark
  • Utrecht: July 21 - August 6, Moreelsepark
  • Amsterdam: August 11 - 27, Martin Luther Kingpark