Noorderlicht International Photo Festival

Noorderlicht International Photo Festival

Jun 23, 2023Dec 10, 2023
Various locations,
Drenthe, Friesland, Groningen
Various prices

Taking place at four art venues in the north of the Netherlands, Noorderlicht International Photo Festival is jaw-dropping in its scope and the high calibre of its photographers.

The festival celebrates its 29th edition with the theme "REGENERATE", which explores held feelings that need a fresh start especially with nature and society. The project was developed and designed by students, and the exhibition gives the public a glimpse of their experiences.

Festival venues and tickets

Each year it takes place in a different northern Dutch city, from Leeuwarden to Groningen, or a combination of cities in the north of the Netherlands. The following are the locations and dates for the 2023 edition:

  • Museum Belvédère, Heerenveen: June 24 - September 24
  • Noorderlicht Studio, Groningen: June 30 - July 30
  • Museum Opsterlân, Gorredijk: July 14 - September 30 
  • Akerk, Groningen: October 7 - December 10 
  • Pictura, Groningen: October 7 -  December 10
  • Campis, Assen: October 14 - December 8

Noorderlicht presents thought-provoking photography

Noorderlicht, the Dutch word for Northern Light, aims to raise awareness about the fact that our lives are full of images, and there's something very significant connecting them. Each year, the diverse photographic genres are melted together into a thematic narrative, like chapters in a book. No matter what the theme is - whether religion, conflict, nature or globalisation - it's always about our world or a world that might seem far removed from our own.

Paving the way for up-and-coming photographers

Noorderlicht, as an organisation, is socially conscious, not only about environmental issues, but also when it comes to educating young people on documentary photography, giving workshops, holding lectures and discussions, and showing films. 

The organisation even offers the Northern Lights Masterclass, a one-year course for professional photojournalists, documentary photographers and budding photographers from all over the world.

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