Noorderlicht International Photo Festival

Noorderlicht International Photo Festival

Oct 05, 2019Dec 01, 2019
Noorderlicht, House of Photography, Akerkhof 12, 9711 JB

Noorderlicht International Photo Festival

Taking place at the Noorderlicht House of Photography in Groningen, Noorderlicht International Photo Festival is jaw-dropping in its scope and the high calibre of its photographers.

The festival celebrates its 26th edition with the theme "Taxed to the Max", which explores societal tensions created by capitalism and transnational companies, and their all-too-apparent influence on global and national politics.

Noorderlicht presents thought-provoking photography

Noorderlicht, the Dutch word for Northern Light, aims to raise awareness about the fact that our lives are full of images, and there's something very significant connecting them. Each year, the diverse photographic genres are melted together into a thematic narrative, like chapters in a book. No matter what the theme is - whether religion, conflict, nature or globalisation - it's always about our world or a world that might seem far removed from our own.

Taxed to the Max - A perfectly apt theme for 2019

Taxed to the Max begs the question: how does the increasingly perfected entanglement of corporate companies, finance capital and modern government affect the lives of ordinary people? To what degree are "big pharma", "big data" and "big money" controlling us, and what role can citizens play within these dynamics?

Noorderlicht paves the way for up-and-coming photographers

Noorderlicht, as an organisation, is socially conscious, not only about environmental issues, but also when it comes to educating young people on documentary photography, giving workshops, holding lectures and discussions, and showing films. The organisation even offers the Northern Lights Masterclass, a one-year course for professional photojournalists, documentary photographers and budding photographers from all over the world.

Visit Noorderlicht International Photo Festival

Plan your visit to the festival by browsing the Nooderlicht website. The exhibition is open from Tuesdays until Sundays, from 11 am to 5pm.