Night of Dictatorship

Night of Dictatorship

Sep 08, 2017
€ 10

How do you bring a dictator to justice? Can you distinguish real news from fake news? What are the favourite meals of the world’s most infamous dictators?

On the Night of Dictatorship, you’ll get the answers to all of these questions and more.

Films and lectures

Various venues in the inner city will be offering films and lectures to explore the subject, including:

Movie Night

Do you want to have the full dictatorial experience? Visit the movie night on Thursday, September 7 at Filmhuis Den Haag.

Reed Brody, the Dictator Hunter

Opening the Night of the Dictatorships in The Hague and Rotterdam will be Reed Brody, the Dictator Hunter. Brody is an American human rights attorney, well-known for successfully bringing Hisséne Habré, former dictator of Chad, to justice.

He will deliver a keynote speech about his work in convicting former dictators. The Habré case will be highlighted in this keynote. His speech will offer a unique opportunity to gain insight into the thoughts of the worst dicators in the world and how we can stop them in the future.

Check out the full programme for the Night of Dictatorship.