Magical Maastricht

Magical Maastricht

Nov 30, 2023Dec 31, 2023
Throughout the city centre

Up for a winter holiday in the south of the Netherlands? Celebrate the days and weeks leading up to Christmas on a grand scale at Magical Maastricht!

A warm atmosphere at Magical Maastricht

Maastricht is well known for its warm, cosy vibe at any time of the year, but during December it is extra special with Magical Maastricht! With plenty of Christmas cheer and fun wintry activities, an enchanting holiday mood will fill the city centre’s squares, streets and courtyards.

Magical Maastricht at the Vrijthof Square

The Vrijthof Square is the place to be for the biggest attractions of Magical Maastricht, such as a huge ice skating rink and a Christmas market. The whole square will be transformed into a winter wonderland where you can admire the city skyline from the ferris wheel, or ride a grand carousel decorated with charming Maastricht scenes.

The Magical Culture Festival

Around the same time as Magical Maastricht, the city will host the Magical Culture Festival with 90 different theatre, dance and music performances at various cultural hotspots.

You will be guided to the most extraordinary parts of the city by countless fairy lights. There will also be all kinds of special activities taking place in museums in Maastricht and venues, such as concerts, walks and festivals.

The fact that Maastricht is relatively close to the Dutch-German border means that this event is also very popular with expats in Germany.

Winter events in the Netherlands

Don't miss the special winter events this season, such as Christmas Town Valkenburg only a few kilometres away!