Innenschau [Revisited] by Jakop Ahlbom

Innenschau [Revisited] by Jakop Ahlbom

Apr 05, 2018Apr 07, 2018
Meer en Vaart 300, 1068 LE
From 15 euros

The much-awarded performance Innenschau by Jakop Ahlbom is back to stun audiences around the Netherlands! From April 5 until April 7 it will be performed at the Meervart Theatre in Amsterdam.

Film noir style

Innenschau (meaning introspection) is a titillating performance that makes use of creative mastermind Jakop Ahlbom’s intriguing formula: using movement, imagery and stage tricks to tell a wordless story.

Ever-inspired by cinema, Jakop Ahlbom bases the vibe and style of this production on film noir. Detectives, mysterious apparitions, mistresses and missing spouses are constantly shifting roles and delving into an ever-deepening world of sex, secrets and suspicion.

Fear of the abyss

Moving to live music by Alamo Race Track, the characters confront their fear of the abyss at the recesses of the soul, driving fantasies, feeding hidden desires and ultimately making people lose themselves.

Ahlbom uses strong physical actors with backgrounds in dance and expressive arts to optimise the visual spectacle, enabling the characters to portray their most helpless moments with an impressive sense of control.

Back for more

Innenschau was first presented as the opening performance of the International Young Directors Program at the Salzburger Festspiele 2010. Now, eight years later, a reprisal of the original is back for more with a tour around the Netherlands. Meervart Theatre welcomes you to enjoy this outstanding performance from April 5 until April 8.